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Relative polycythemia is a pathology in which the level of red blood cells in the blood increases due to dehydration. The number of red blood cells does not change - the volume of plasma (the liquid part of the blood) decreases, increasing the specific concentrationconcentration of other blood components. Heavy physical work and psycho-emotional stress can cause so-called stress polycythemia, which is typical for middle-aged men. In this condition, the number of cells also does not change, and the volume of the liquid part of the blood decreases.

True polycythemia, like secondary polycythemia, proceeds extremely slowly, therefore manifestations of the pathology are often weakly expressed or completely absent. Symptoms of polycythemia are usually nonspecific. With further development of polycythaemic syndrome, note. Diagnosis of pathology is carried out by a hematologist. Moreover, it is based on characteristic features combined into syndromes. plethoric (due to excess blood in organs and tissues) and myeloproliferative (due to excessive bone marrow activity). The presence of Retin-a cream is indicated by an increased level in the blood.

There may be an increase in hematocrit - the ratio of the volume of red blood cells to the total volume of blood. Polycythemia vera is characterized by a low level of erythropoietin in the blood; in the secondary form of the pathology, it is normal or increased.

In cases of benign Vaquez disease, phlebotomy (bloodletting) is sometimes prescribed. It is carried out every three days until the concentration of hemoglobin and red blood cells returns to buy Retin-a online. Phlebotomy usually removes up to 400 ml of blood. Half an hour before the procedure, Heparin is administered intravenously to prevent the formation of blood clots and reduce blood viscosity. Currently, bloodletting is losing ground, since there is a more effective method of removing excess red blood cells from the body - erythrocytapheresis. Using a hardware method, all red blood cells are removed from the blood (500-700 ml). Plasma and other blood components return to the bloodstream.

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