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Reveals increased formation of red blood cells, platelets, leukocytes (except for lymphocytes - a special type of leukocytes), as well as the development of scar tissue in the bone marrow. Trephine biopsy (examination of the bone marrow in its relationship with surrounding tissues) is performed by taking a column of dapsone pills with bone and periosteum for examination, usually from the wing of the ilium (the area of the human pelvis closest to the skin), using a special device - a trephine. Most accurately characterizes the condition of the bone marrow.

Ultrasound examination (ultrasound) of internal organs evaluates the size of the liver and spleen, their structure for damage by tumor cells and the presence of hemorrhages. Spiral computed tomography (SCT) is a method based on a series of x-rays at different depths, which allows you to obtain an accurate image of the organs being examined and assess the extent of the tumor process. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a method based on the formation of chains of water when the human body is exposed to strong magnets, which allows you to obtain an accurate image of the organs being studied and assess the extent of the tumor process. A consultation with a therapist is also possible. Treatment of polycythemia vera.

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Bloodletting (hemoexfusion, phlebotomy) is the removal of a certain amount of blood for therapeutic purposes. Usually 200-400 ml of blood are extracted, and in old age or in the presence of heart disease - 100 ml of blood at intervals of 2-3 days, usually 3 procedures per course. Bloodletting is performed to normalize the number of blood cells and reduce its viscosity. The procedure cannot be performed in the presence of recent thrombosis (closing of the lumen of blood vessels with thrombi - blood clots). Before bloodletting, medications are prescribed to improve blood flow and reduce blood clotting. Extracorporeal treatment methods (methods of purifying blood outside the body using special devices). Of the hardware methods of treatment, erythrocytepheresis is used - inremoving excess red blood cells (red blood cells) and platelets (blood platelets) from the blood. Performed at intervals of 5-7 days. Chemotherapy (the use of drugs that have a detrimental effect on tumor cells).

Indications. Stage II B, an increase in the number of all blood cells, complications from blood vessels and internal organs, a serious condition of the patient, ineffectiveness and poor tolerance of bloodletting. There are special chemotherapy regimens. When another blood tumor attaches at stage III of the disease, chemotherapy is given to the attached blood tumor, but the effectiveness is low. Polycythemia vera. what it is, treatment, prognosis, symptoms, stages, signs.

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Polycythemia vera is accompanied by an increased risk of thrombosis and, in rare cases, acute leukemia and myelofibrosis. Hepatosplenomegaly may also develop. The diagnosis is established on the basis of a general blood test, testing for the presence of mutations of the 1AK2 gene and clinical criteria. Treatment includes the use of low-dose aspirin in all patients and myelosuppressive drugs in high-risk patients. Bloodletting used to be the standard of care, but its role is now controversial. What is polycythemia vera?

Polycythemia vera is the most common myeloproliferative disorder. Its incidence in the United States is 1.9/100,000, with the risk increasing with age. IP occurs somewhat more often in men. IP is very rare in children. Pathophysiology of polycythemia vera. In IP, there is increased proliferation of avlosulfon pills. In this regard, PV is sometimes called panmyelosis due to the increase in representatives of all 3 peripheral blood cell lineages. The increased production of one erythrocyte lineage is called erythrocytosis. Isolated thrombocytosis can be observed with PV, but more often it occurs for other reasons (secondary erythrocytosis).

Extramarrow hematopoiesis can occur in the spleen, liver and other organs that can serve as a site for the formation of blood cells. The turnover of peripheral blood cells increases. Ultimately, the disease may enter a wasting phase, the manifestations of which are indistinguishable from primary myelofibrosis. Transformation to buy avlosulfon pills online leukemia is rare, but the risk increases with the use of alkylating agents and radioactive phosphorus. The latter should be used only in rare cases or not at all.

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