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Experts note the following complications that accompany the development of polycythemia vera. Causes and mechanisms of development. As a result, an increased number of red blood cells appears in a person�s blood, not due to external reasons. This distinguishes erythremia from erythrocytosis, which is the body�s response to the action of externalfactor (for example, lack of oxygen in the air). An increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood, as well as impaired platelet function, leads to buy omnicef online thrombus formation.

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As the disease progresses, so-called myeloid metaplasia may occur, which is characterized by inhibition of all hematopoiesis with the development of anemia. Patients show signs of dysfunction of the central nervous system. There are complaints of headache, dizziness, and tinnitus. Fainting and nosebleeds are common. Sometimes the patient's health deteriorates so much that he cannot perform any mental work. Worries about decreased memory and attention, weakness, irritability.

Patients often indicate pain in the chest. However, these sensations are most often caused by pain in the sternum itself as a result of increased blood supply to its tissue. However, such patients have a high risk of thrombosis, including coronary arteries, with the development of angina and myocardial infarction.

Thrombotic complications can lead to thrombophlebitis, thrombosis of the deep veins of the leg, mesenteric veins with the development of corresponding symptoms. The occurrence of cerebrovascular accidents is also possible. In patients with erythremia, gastric ulcers are often diagnosed, which is associated with a violation of the nervous regulation of the body. Occasionally, arterial hypertension develops (this is not a very characteristic symptom for polycythemia).

Along with thrombosis, hemorrhagic syndrome is often observed, associated with a tendency to bleed. Not only nosebleeds are a concern, but also hemorrhoids, from dilated veins of the esophagus, as well as bleeding gums. Subcutaneous hemorrhages are also observed, and ecchymoses (bruises) easily form. About half of omnicef pills experience intense skin itching after taking a hot bath; this is a characteristic symptom of erythremia. Some patients experience burning pain in the fingertips, which is also characteristic of polycythemia vera. Tactile and pain sensitivity may be impaired.

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In most patients, the spleen enlarges, which can manifest itself as a feeling of heaviness in the left hypochondrium, or a feeling of excessively rapid satiety when eating. How does the disease develop? The course of erythremia can be relatively benign, when patients live for many years without severe complications. In some cases, within a few years from the first manifestation of the disease, serious thrombosis of cerebral or abdominal vessels occurs, leading to death.

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An objective picture at the first stage is given by a blood test. Erythremia should be suspected if the number of red blood cells exceeds 5.7 * 1012/l for men and more than 5.2 * 1012/l for women. The hemoglobin level is higher than 177 g/l in men and 172 g/l in women. Diagnosis of this disease is carried out on the basis of Cefdinir pills. A necessary component of the diagnostic search is trephine biopsy of the ilium. Polycythemia vera is most often treated on an outpatient basis. Indications for hospitalization are severely severe disease, a decrease in the number of leukocytes and platelets after treatment with cytostatics, the need for bone marrow or spleen puncture, trepanobiopsy of the ilium. The patient must be hospitalized if surgery is planned, even minor (for example, tooth extraction). The treatment program includes the following areas.

This is the main treatment for people under 50 years of age. When part of the circulating blood is removed from the body, the vascular bed is unloaded, skin itching is alleviated, and the likelihood of thrombotic complications is reduced.
As an independent method of treatment, bloodletting is used for benign polycythemia, as well as during the childbearing and premenopausal periods. If erythremia relapses after a course of chemotherapy, bloodletting may also be prescribed. They must be carried out until there is a significant decrease in hemoglobin levels (not higher than 150 g/l).