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In case of eurax with polycythemia, the patient is prescribed repeated blood tests no more than once every 14 days, then the study is carried out once a month. When the level of red blood cells returns to normal, the drugs begin to be gradually discontinued, drug therapy alternates with a rest from the drugs, and the course of the disease is strictly monitored.

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But it is worth noting that the use of myelosuppressive drugs for polycythemia can lead to the development of leukemia, so specialists prescribe them after lengthy detailed studies. Sometimes side effects such as skin ulcers, gastrointestinal disturbances, and fever occur; if this occurs, the medications are immediately discontinued.

The patient should also take Aspirin daily to buy eurax cream the risk of thrombosis, which often complicates the course of this disease. Another procedure for a patient with polycythemia is erythrocytophoresis, which consists of a device pumping out the patient’s blood while simultaneously removing excess red blood cells from it. Afterwards, in order to restore the previous volume, the patient is infused with saline solution. This procedure is a modern type of bloodletting, but it is carried out no more than once every 2-3 years. Treatment of polycythemia will not protect the patient from possible complications that may develop against the background of this pathology.

The development of a disease such as polycythemia can be prevented; it is necessary to adhere to the following preventive measures. Remember that timely diagnosis and proper treatment of polycythemia can prevent the development of complications with this disease, but, unfortunately, with this disease there is no guarantee of a complete cure. Polycythemia vera. causes, symptoms and treatment.

The cause of polycythemia vera is unknown. It is assumed that in this disease the regulation of the process of erythrocyte formation itself is initially disrupted. According to the modern theory of hematopoiesis, all human blood cells have one precursor cell. As the descendants of this stem cell divide and multiply, they acquire increasingly specific features and eventually become red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets. With erythremia, the balance of the blood cell system changes, and uncontrolled excess formation of red blood cells begins. At the same time, other cells (leukocytes and platelets) are also formed in excess, but not so pronounced.