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Patients with polycythemia have purplish-red skin, and patients often complain of itchy skin. Experts include the following factors as secondary causes of the disease: All these factors lead to the fact that hemoglobin is endowed with the ability to actively absorb oxygen, with virtually no return to the tissues of internal organs, which, accordingly, leads to the active production of red blood cells.

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It is worth noting that some cancers can also provoke the development of erythremia, for example, tumors of the following organs affect the production of red blood cells. Some kidney cysts and obstruction of this organ may increase the secretion of blood cells, leading to buy elocon cream of polycythemia.And. Polycythemia sometimes occurs in newborns, this disease is transmitted through the maternal placenta, and there is insufficient oxygen supply to the fetus, as a result of which pathology develops. Next, we will consider the course of polycythemia, its symptoms and treatment, what are the complications of polycythemia disease?

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The main signs of erythrocytosis include: When the pathology enters an advanced stage, polycythemia can be observed. Doctors also identify specific symptoms of mometasone furoate. If we talk about a disease that affects newborns, polycythemia develops a few days after birth. Most often, the pathology is diagnosed in twins, the main symptoms include: It is worth noting that if polycythemia is not diagnosed in a timely manner, the development of the disease can be missed, and the lack of therapy can lead to the death of the newborn.

As mentioned above, most often polycythemia vera is detected during a preventive blood test. Experts diagnose erythrocytosis if blood tests show levels above normal. To study the function of red bone marrow, a trephine biopsy procedure is used, because it is the disruption of the production of stem cells that provokes the development of polycythemia. To exclude other diseases, specialists can use studies such as ultrasound, urinalysis, FGDS, ultrasound, etc. The patient is also prescribed consultations with specialists. neurologist, cardiologist, urologist, etc. If a patient is diagnosed with polycythemia, what is the treatment for this disease, consider the main methods.

This disease is one of those types of pathology that are treated with myelosuppressive drugs. Polycythemia vera is also treated using bloodletting methods; this type of therapy can be prescribed to patients who have not reached 45 years of age. The essence of the procedure is that up to 500 ml of blood per day is taken from the patient; elderly people with polycythemia also undergo phlebotomy, but no more than 250 ml of blood is taken per day. If a patient with this disease experiences severe skin itching and hypermetabolic syndrome, then specialists prescribe a myelosuppressive method of treating polycythemia vera. It includes the following drugs.

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