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The causes of the disease are unknown. There is no single theory explaining the occurrence of cleocin medication, like other hemoblastoses (blood tumors). The most recognized currently is the viral genetic theory. According to it, special viruses (15 types of such viruses are known) are introduced into the human body and under the influence of predisposing factors that causeAfter immunity, they penetrate into immature cells of the bone marrow or lymph nodes. After this, the immature cells of the lymph nodes, instead of maturing, begin to divide frequently to form new cells.

The role of heredity in the occurrence of hemoblastoses is beyond doubt, since these diseases are more common in some families, as well as in people with abnormalities in the structure of chromosomes (carriers of hereditary information). Predisposing factors. A hematologist will help in treating the disease.

Analysis of the medical history and complaints (when (how long ago) general weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, pain and heaviness in the left and right hypochondrium, pain in the fingertips, redness of the eyes, bleeding and other symptoms appeared, with which the patient attributes their occurrence). Life history analysis. Does the patient have any chronic diseases, are there any hereditary diseases, does the patient have bad habits, has he taken any medications for a long time, has he had tumors, has he been in contact with toxic substances.

Physical examination. The color of the skin is determined (redness with a bluish tint and the appearance of hemorrhages are possible). Palpation (palpation) and percussion (tapping) reveal an enlarged liver and spleen. The pulse may be slow and blood pressure may be elevated. Blood analysis. An increase in the number of erythrocytes (red blood cells, normal 4.0-5.5x10 9 g/l), the level of hemoglobin (a special compound inside red blood cells that carries oxygen, normal 130-160 g/l) can be determined. The color index (the ratio of the hemoglobin level multiplied by 3 to the first three digits of the red blood cell count) usually buy cleocin medication online. Normally this figure is 0.86-1.05. The number of leukocytes (white blood cells, normal 4-9x10 9 g/l) can be increased, normal or decreased.

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The number of platelets (blood platelets, the gluing of which ensures blood clotting) initially remains normal, then increases and decreases again (the norm is 150-400x10 9 g/l). The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR, a nonspecific laboratory test that reflects the ratio of different types of blood proteins) usually decreases. Analysis of urine. It is carried out to identify concomitant pathology (diseases). Blood may appear in the urine if renal bleeding or bleeding from the urinary tract develops. Blood chemistry.

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The level of cholesterol (a fat-like substance), glucose (a simple carbohydrate), creatinine (a protein breakdown product), uric acid (a breakdown product of substances from the cell nucleus), electrolytes (potassium, sodium, calcium) is determined to identify concomitant organ damage. The most characteristic of polycythemia vera is an increase in uric acid levels due to the breakdown of a large number of blood cells. A study of bone marrow obtained by puncture (a puncture to remove the internal contents) of clindamycin gel, most often the sternum (the central bone on the front surface of the chest to which the ribs are attached).

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